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My personal goal is that everyone I meet with will have created a well thought out long-term health care plan, whether that plan involves Long-Term Care Insurance or not. Traditional Long Term Care Insurance has been an important financial planning tool for thousands of American families, and in the last several years, Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance combines an annuity or a life insurance benefit with long term care insurance, providing a benefit whether LTC is needed or not. We are well versed in helping your explore these and other long term care planning options. Your personal needs will determine the best plan for you and your family.

Seven years of experience working in long-term care facilities inspires me to help folks recover at home if at all possible. I have seen over 200 long-term care insurance claims, and everyone with a good long-term care insurance comprehensive plan has been able to stay at home. After a while at home, some of my clients have gone on to assisted living and loved it. A surprising number of people who needed long-term care services at home have recovered and gone back to their normal lives. Long-term care insured clients are able to recuperate from serious injury or illness in their own homes with expert advice and the extra funds needed to support their caregivers.

Barbara Hanson consults with clients throughout California on their long term healthcare planning. Living near Santa Cruz, CA, Barbara meets personally with insurance clients on both sides of the Monterey Bay, San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area. She looks forward to assisting you with your long term care insurance planning.


• Comprehensive, client-centered personal long-term care planning
• Shopping for the best individualized LTCi policies for each client
• Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance plan analysis and comparison
• Assisting claimants to use their LTC insurance policies
• Media watchdog for inaccurate representations of Long-term Care Planning
• Affordable Dental Discount Plan available

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